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Taikos av. 52C / Agluonų str. 1, Klaipeda.

- The business centre is surrounded by commercial centers, shops, which would provide a flow of clients.
- The business centre will be attractive for business and private sector as well.
- New formed Agluonų str. provides good communication with the port.
- Taikos av. (Taikos pr.) would be the biggest street in Klaipeda, which would contain 10 traffic paths.

Urban factor

- Between Kauno and Agluonos (the continuation of Kauno street)  streets there is a residentional area of individual houses
- Taikos str. (Taikos pr.) is one of the main streets of Klaipėda.
- The promotional area is forming between Baltijos av. (Baltijos pr.) and Kauno str.